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Who we are

We are a Swiss high-tech recruitment agency established by Daniel Palmieri, a visionary IT recruitment executive who founded the first-ever AI-powered recruitment agency. NEWcruitment AI offers a fully automated and hands-off recruiting solution for many by combining AI-powered Talent Sourcing Technology and Human recruiters. This simplifies and democratizes the hiring process for many organizations, resulting in exceptional outcomes for our clients. Daniel's innovative approach has received recognition from both clients and industry experts.

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By leveraging AI technology and decades of recruitment experience, we aim to transform and democratize recruiting. We are committed to positively impacting businesses and people's lives by offering a superior, more efficient, and cost-effective way of hiring talent.


Core Values

Our core values are the most important guiding principles for our organization. They are essential for delivering excellent service and achieving exceptional results


We embrace innovation to constantly improve our services and stay ahead of the curve.


We believe in working closely with our clients and candidates to understand their unique needs and create tailored solutions.


We are driven by results and dedicated to achieving success for our clients and candidates.

Meet Our Team

We're a dynamic group of recruitment professionals and AI specialists, committed to revolutionizing the hiring process. Our personalized approach ensures tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client and candidate. With diverse expertise and a collaborative spirit, we're dedicated to making hiring stress-free.




Human Recruiting Team

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AI-Sourcing Technology

A testimony to our quality

Our clients’ satisfaction with our services and ongoing business relationship speaks volumes about the quality of our offerings

Sandro B.

Chief Information Officer
Newcruitment is one of the best among all agencies I have ever worked with. When you get to connect with them, you'll discover an amazing team with unique skills. They have so much enthusiasm and dedication that are both inspiring and motivating. They are not only reliable and forward thinking professionals, but with the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately.

Pavel P.

Director of Data Analytics
In my role as Head of Architecture, I have professional relationship with NEWcruitment already for several years. They have been helping me to find suitable candidates for several core positions in my team. I was extremely satisfied with their services. They have demonstrated both high level of professionalism and broad access to qualified IT professionals. Especially, I would like to recommend Newcruitment for their patience and flexibility that were crucial to support out highly dynamic business environment.

Christoph L.

Head of Business Application & Software Engineering
I have worked with NEWcruitment on a number of expert level, senior management positions. They've always been very responsive, pro- active with good connections and relations into the job market which made these recruitments to a successful undertaking.

Jian W.

Chief Information Officer
I had chance to partner with NEWcruitment to staff our most demanding digital product department. As experienced and knowledgeable recruiters, they helped me to discover several talents who became highly valuable core members of my department. Unlike many body shopping recruiters, they are never stingy with their time, they always make sure that the candidate is the perfect fit for the role, this extensive pre-selection made our recruitment process extremely efficient and fruitful.

Carina H.

Head of People and Culture
At NEWcruitment they are very customer oriented and super flexible. In our quickly changing environment this is a great asset when choosing a partner. They were super quick in follow ups, extremely understanding when it took ages for our feedbacks and in person a very loyal and easy to work with partners!

Daniel M

Head of Data Engineering
Very professional communication and treatment. NEWcruitment is working with hand-picked top projects and customers. Looking forward to having more opportunities for collaboration.