We use cutting-edge AI sourcing technology and human recruitment expertise to match companies with the ideal candidates for their open roles.


Customized Analysis for Perfect Candidate Match:

We create a candidate profile based on your job description and company knowledge, and then ask you questions about the required skills, experience, and qualifications. To begin, we will provide you with a form to fill out.


Talent Mapping & Extraction:

Our AI technology finds and extracts data from potential candidates based on their skills, experience, and qualifications from LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Indeed, Monster, Rocket Reach, and Seek. Then, human recruiters review the data to ensure it's accurate and complete.


Streamlined Outreach and Personalized Engagement:

We collect candidate data and load it into our engagement platform to send personalized messages via email and LinkedIn. Our AI automation offers job and culture insights, and our recruiters manage follow-up communication.


Screening and Ranking:

To identify candidates with the highest potential, we utilize specific qualifying questions to provide clients with the top 10% of interview-ready candidates, as well as a Skills Match Report summarizing their skills and qualifications.


Interview Preparation and Management:

We facilitate the interview process by scheduling interviews and providing insights into each candidate's motivations and ongoing interest. Human recruiters are involved throughout the process to ensure a smooth and effective experience. This service is only available in our “Premium” package


Coaching Through Offer and Retention Program:

We provide coaching through the offer and retention process, which includes managing counter-offers, start dates, and maintaining contact during the notice period. Our recruiters assist to ensure a smooth transition for the new hire. This service is only available in our premium packages.

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how the system works

Standard Recruitment vs AI-Recruitment

Limited Reach and high competition for talentRely primarily on job ads and recommendations.Gives you access to a global talent pool of 600+ million active and passive candidates.Broadening your Talent reach and outperforming competition in the hiring process.
Slow and inefficient recruitment processTime-consuming and labor-intensive processes, with high investment of resources and finances.Accelerates recruitment by accurately screening and assessing large amounts of candidates per day per position.Fill positions up to 60% faster that traditional recruitment methods.
Costly and inefficientCostly and inefficient recruitment tools and techniques.Cost saving of up to 80% compared to other recruiting methods.Save up to 80% on recruiting costs compared to other hiring methods.
Inaccurate Screening processesUsing poor recruitment screening and assessment methods, or relying solely on personal opinions,Automatically and efficiently analyzes job applications with consistent precision to screen qualified candidates.Achieve candidate matching precision of 90%.

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