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When you work with us, you can expect :

Unprecedented Precision and Consistency

We use AI to find the best candidates that match your job requirements with 90% accuracy, presenting you with the top 10%.

Limitless Talent pools

Access 600+ million candidates from top platforms like LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and more.

Precise Skill match reports

Get complete candidate profiles that highlight their skills and expertise and match your job requirements.

Unparalleled Speed and Time Saving

Screen and assess thousands of candidates per day per position, and guarantee a shortlist of 3-15 qualified candidates per search. Cut time-to-hire by 60%

Higher Candidate Engagement and Response Rates

We Engage with thousands of candidates daily on multiple platforms through personalized messages, achieving a 75% conversion rate and 80% contact rate.

Greatly Cost Efficient

Benefit from flexible pricing plans and save up to 80% compared to traditional recruiting methods.

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    Success Stories


    Michael, the CEO of a small business, needs to hire a few employees for his growing company. However, he has a limited budget and cannot afford the high fees associated with traditional recruiting methods. He comes across NEWcruitment AI “Shortlist package, which offers extremely competitive fees and a cost-saving of up to 80%. Michael decides to work with the agency and is impressed with the results. He is able to hire muliple top-quality candidates with the same search for his company without breaking his budget.


    HR Manager
    Sarah is an HR manager at a growing startup and is struggling to find qualified candidates for a technical position. She has tried traditional recruitment methods but has been unsuccessful. She hears about NEWcruitment AI-powered recruitment agency and decides to give it a try. With the AI technology, she gains access to a large talent pool of qualified candidates and receives top 10% ready-to-interview candidates within days. Sara is able to quickly fill the position and is impressed with the accuracy and quality of the candidates.


    Small Business Owner
    Jane is a small business owner who is struggling to find the right talent for her growing team. She has tried traditional recruitment methods but has not had much success in finding qualified candidates. She hears about an AI-powered recruitment agency that offers an unlimited talent pool and personalized messaging to engage with candidates. She decides to book a demo and is impressed by the agency's speed and efficiency in shortlisting qualified candidates. With the agency's help, Jane is able to fill her open positions quickly and with top talent.
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