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 Pay a fee only when a candidate is successfully hired 


Receive a curated shortlist of vetted talent that meets your job criteria. Pay just for the shortlist; no additional fees.



End-to-end Recruitment Solution ideal to fill challenging, strategic, or niche positions






Activation fee is required upfront to initiate the search. For “Premium” packages this amount will deducted from final placement fee.

€ 2,000

€ 2,000

 (deductible from placement fee)

An invoice for this amount is generated on the day of the shortlist presentation, 

€ 3,500 

 (depending on volume)

Fee % is calculated on yearly base salary. Invoice issued upon signing of employment contract



Contact sales to learn more about our volume discounts and monthly plans.

8% fee for second hire within the same search


We search a potential talent pool of 600+ million candidates from LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Indeed, Monster, Rocket Reach, and Seek.

Receive only top 10% ready-to-interview candidates based on your job requirements ready-to-interview with you

We provide a Precise Skills Match Report for each candidate, providing technical skills, job-relevant expertise, and custom-tailored qualification question answers.

Make Unlimited hires per search

8% fee for second hire within the same search

Keep ownership of all candidate profiles upon search completion.


If the candidate leaves before a certain period

3 months

If we fail to provide at least 3 qualified candidates we will perform a new job search .

If the Client is not satisfied with the quality of the candidates presented, they can request a refund or receive additional services free of charge.

We provide support for job candidates including interview preparation, feedback collection, and scheduling facilitation

We conduct reference checks, support provided for salary negotiation, relocation, and work permits

Follow-ups conducted with both placed candidates and employers 1 month after, and 3 months after employment start date

A maximum of 10 qualified candidates are presented each search.



Qualified candidates screened and sent usually within specified time frame. 

15 days

15 days

15 days

With our white label option, clients with over 5 searches per month can customize the search to match their branding. Additional integration costs may apply



Looking for something different? Don’t worry! Our sales team will get in touch with you to create a solution that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Newcruitment AI combines State of the Art AI-Sourcing Technology with decades of human recruiting experience to deliver unparalleled recruitment results. We offer unbeatable pricing that is 50% to 80% less expensive than all other competitors.

Our partnerships with leading talent platforms like LinkedIn, Github, and Stackoverflow, coupled with our AI Sourcing Technology and advanced automation, enable us to access a talent pool of over 600 million active and passive candidates worldwide. This provides us with a competitive advantage in attracting top talent quickly and efficiently.

Our AI-powered Sourcing system allows us to accelerate the recruitment process by screening and assessing thousands of candidates per day per position. Our process is completely hands-off for the client, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Our AI-Sourcing Technology consistently analyzes applications and selects qualified applicants based on their technical and domain expertise, as well as their answers to custom qualifying questions. This results in an impressive 90% accuracy rate in matching candidates.

Newcruitment AI specializes in a variety of positions, including High Tech, Finance, Pharma, MedTech, Biotech, Blockchain, Marketing, and more.

To schedule a demo, simply contact us through our website, and we will guide you through the 6-step program to show you how our platform can help you find the perfect fit for your open roles.

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